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Cherry Picked Games (CPG) is a local, independent table-top game developer with a passion for good times and spreading smiles. CPG Founder, Alex Jerabek, and I teamed up in 2015 to illustrate for his second game, "Drink!" Together we have successfully launched two Kickstarter campaigns, published one game and have more titles coming soon.


Drink! is a drinking game consisting of 150 unique cards, each with a different "rule" that can be used deviously to get your opponents to drink. Rules cover a variety of behaviors and interactions that you're likely to see at a party, such as "Talks about work" and "Touches someone else's drink." Part of the challenge with this project was illustrating the wide range of actions. I created a character that I could manipulate to accomodate each card, which we unofficially started calling "Slug People."


Conspire is a roleplaying game that's limited only by the imagination. Players use discussion, deduction and deceit to achieve their goals. With Conspire, we wanted to lean into the strange conspiracy culture. During the Kickstarter campaign there were hidden reward tiers, secret clues and plenty of tin foil hats. Conspire is currently under production and set for completion late summer 2017.

Cherry Picked Games

Before launching Conspire, we wanted to revisit some of CPG's branding. I recreated the logo and redesigned the company website making it easier to read and navigate. The changes were intentionally subtle to retain familiarity with brand while allowing us to have more flexibility and create unity between social media platforms.

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