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Branding, Logo Design, Web Design


Cherry Picked Games (CPG) is a local, independent table-top game developer with a passion for good times and spreading smiles. In 2015, I began working with Alex as an illustrator and have since taken on many other roles. Together, we have published two successful games and are currently working on our newest title, "Far Away".

Cherry Picked Games


As our brand continues to grow, we are constantly self-assessing to make sure that we are doing the best we can as a company. I gave CPG a refresh to create a more welcoming and sophisticated tone.


CPG's logo is a combination of a 20-sided die and a cherry. My goal was to simplify the logo to be more iconic and versatile. By removing the gradients and some of the more complex effects, I created a distilled version of the CPG Cherry. The flat design allowed us to make alternative versions to guarantee the logo would be readable on any background. I then rounded the corners to match the new typeface and give a friendlier appearance.

Cherry Picked Games


We had been using Impact which is a bold typeface. It also has very sharp features and feels a bit “standard.” We decided on Filson Soft which is still quite bold, but has an inviting tone. We chose new secondary fonts for the headlines and body copy to family. Bree Serif is a nice serif typeface which contrasts Filson Soft and Open Sans which we chose for the body copy. We focused on readability and character when considering new typefaces.

Cherry Picked Games


CPG attends game conventions all round the US. We meet professionals and fans in the industry so I designed some flyers and business cards to help us network at these events. The business cards are focus on our personal contact info, while the flyer has more information about our games and company’s social media.

Cherry Picked Games


By using a consistent tone, the CPG brand is clearly recognizable all over the web. CherryPickedGames.com is created using Square Space. The simple interface makes it easy for both, Alex and me, to keep the site updated.


Art Direction, Illustration


Drink! is a drinking game consisting of 150 unique cards, each with a different "rule" that can be used deviously to get your opponents to drink. Rules cover a variety of behaviors and interactions that you're likely to see at a party, such as "Talks about work" and "Touches someone else's drink.".

Drink! funded on Kickstarter in December 2015.
Cherry Picked Games


As one of my first professional projects, 150 illustrations seemed like a monumental task. Each illustration had to be unique to the rule it was for so, I created what later came to be unofficially called, “slug people.” The slug people were more-or-less amorphous characters that I could manipulate to fit each card. The addition of fun outfits and pop-culture references makes it hard to resist flipping through each one.


Art Direction, Illustration, Layout, Marketing


Conspire is a roleplaying game that's limited only by the imagination. Players use discussion, deduction and deceit to achieve their goals. With Conspire, we wanted to lean into the strange conspiracy culture. During the Kickstarter campaign there were hidden reward tiers, secret clues and plenty of tin foil hats.

Conspire funded on Kickstarter in November 2016 and is now available in English or German.


When playing Conspire, the setting, plot, and characters are created by the players once the game has started. Every game is completely different. I was tasked with creating an ever-changing and undefined universe so production began with a lot of idea exploration.

Some early forms of Conspire were written like a play. However, once we were certain of our direction, ideas started flying. We dove deep into conspiracies and wanted our backers to feel as if they were part of a secret, elite group. We took every opportunity we could to add mystery to the campaign.


Leading up to and during the Kickstarter campaign, we hid secrets and clues in all of our propaganda. There was even a /redacted tier which included a “censored” reward. Only those clever enough to crack the code would be able to reveal the secret tier.


Marketing Conspire was just as fun to ideate on. At conventions, we wear tinfoil hats and encourage others to wear them as well after all, the government is listening. It doesn’t take long for people to notice the tinfoil hats and start seeking out the truth.


Art Direction, Illustration, Layout


Far Away is a cooperative, two-player game where a pair of brave explorers venture to alien planets to accomplish missions for the tragically under-funded Federation Alliance. The crushing loneliness of being the only humans for lightyears takes its toll, so explorers will need to closely monitor their hunger and loneliness when venturing away from each other.

Far Away funded on Kickstarter in November 2018 and is set for release Summer 2019.


Far Away funded on Kickstarter in November of 2018 and is currently in production. With a larger scope and many more pieces than our previous titles, Far Away is our most ambitious project yet. We noticed a lack in the market for two people who are looking for a longer-form, cooperative game. Many two-player games are competitive and short, or two-player versions of other games. Far Away is the perfect game to fill that void.


With a larger scope, brings more opportunity for great design. Since the Federation Alliance can’t afford the latest and greatest tech, the materials in Far Away look dated, using colors inspired for 70’s sci-fi and sun-stained computers.


The creature illustrations are styled after Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches. They give the player a sense of discovering a creature and often explain small details about the creature.


Far Away is currently under production.


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