Human Nature

AfterEffects Animation


6 weeks


Motion Graphics




I animated a short video explaining Climate Change and its effects on our planet. Climate Change is commonly a heated topic so I wanted to approach the topic in a playful, light-hearted manner. I wrote a script using casual language, voiced with a British accent, and recreated the effects of cut-paper animation.

After researching some of the largest contributors to climate change, I outlined a script. I needed to explain the issue and present a solution within two minutes. Once I was satisfied with my script, I put together a storyboard.

By utilizing a low frame rate and some simple expressions I was able to achieve a choppy, stop-motion style. I created shapes in AfterEffects and applied various found textures such as cardboard, foil, and crumpled paper.

I soon realized that I had underestimated the amount of frames I needed to storyboard and had many gaps to fill. This, however, gave me the opportunity to make sure that all transitions were as subtle as possible.

2017 Jake Breish