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Disney's Villainous is an award-winning table-top game featuring everybody's favorite villains. The asymmetric play and innovative mechanics make this game appealing to seasoned gamers and newbies, alike.


The first time I worked at Forrest-Pruzan Creative, a Seattle-based game studio, I helped with some production design and worked on some simple packaging based on brand guidelines. I was glad when they called back a second time but had no idea how lucky I was.

Villainous has six playable villains, each with their own, unique set of cards. Each set of cards was illustrated by a different artist and I was the liaison between the design team and the artists. I communicated with artists across the globe, provided feedback, and submitted the art for approval.


When tasked with creating the Villainous logo, I wanted to make sure it was something that felt like classic Disney with a wicked twist. I first handlettered the logo, taking inspiration from old english typefaces and modern black letter calligraphy. I then took the image and traced in Adobe Illustrator, cleaning up the angles and adding flourishes. After a few iterations, we came to what is now the Villainous logo.


We wanted Villainous to really stand out on the game shelf. It's a game unlike no other, containing all the powers a villain could need, and the cover needed to reflect that. Using a combination of textures and masks, I distressed Maleficent's silhouette to look as if stained into the worn and weathered box.

The box is a soft-touch laminate with spot-gloss and goldfoil. We had to account for shifting and accuracy so we did many test prints to make sure the box came out perfectly.


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